You had to give them all a sign, didnt you?

A personal post, if you will.

I think anyone who knows me in the flesh & blood world knows that I am not very happy with my current employment situation. They probably know I am looking for work elsewhere.

Thing is, whilst my work day is a total slog and I cannot stand going into the office anymore, it is really only the fault of a single client and my boss’ inability to deal with them properly. They make demands, we cower and comply and when we ask for money, they decline. They are also quite stupid and some of their expectations seem to be torn out of a childhood copy of a book written by two brothers with the surname of Grimm.

Anyway, today’s little rant is over a security report that was commissioned and carried out a couple of weeks ago. The report apparently came back with a couple of big ticket items that need to be rectified quickly. So the client has asked us to provide a schedule and project plan to do that.

I asked if we could see the report, you know, so we could work out exactly what the issues were.

They came back and said we could see the report after they get the project plan.

Seriously? I quit.

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