‘Cause you know if things weren’t this way.


How are you? I hope you are well. How is Sarah? She doing okay too? Hope so.

Anyway, reason I am typing this is to let you know that I seem to have birthed a monster.

See, I have this friend and she used to have similar tastes in music to me. Then I started thinking for myself and felt that Chris Cornell was not the greatest rock vocalist in the world (that would be Mike Patton) and we stopped talking for too long. Oh, I am came out about my love for all things electronica related. And Roxette. And she moved to Sydney. And years became a gaping chasm between us that only Facebook could bridge.

Fast forward to the post Facebook world of reconnecting and I felt that I was limiting myself to music that was predominately beeps and bloops and stuff, so I asked her to recommend a metal or rock album to me. In fact, I asked her to review a record that she was pretty sure I wouldn’t have heard and to sell it to me hard.

She did.


I present to you the Random Review of N’Sync’s “Celebrity”.

Hugs and Smooches,


One thought on “‘Cause you know if things weren’t this way.

  1. I’m still pissed at Chris Cornell for collaborating with Timbaland and making me admit that Mike Patton is better, you know.

    And you loved the N’Sync review, admit it!

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