Move right through me, can you feel the power?

I got thoroughly confused the other day trying to explain to someone that Yaz were not Yazz but were Yazoo.

So, in order to have a single point of reference in the future, I present to you the Shallow Bay Guide to Bands That Vince Clarke Done Been In.

He started off in “No Romance in China” before forming “French Look” which then become “Composition of Sound” before finally becoming the slightly better known “Depeche Mode”. He quit after the release of The Mode’s Speak and Spell and went on to form “Yazoo” (who were known as “Yaz” in the United States due to their already being a “Yazoo” there) with the deep-voiced Alison Moyet, then he went on to the short lived “The Assembly” before creating the legendary synth-pop hit machine, “Erasure”.

Yazz, or Yasmina Evans as she was born, knew that the only way was up.

Here is some Yazoo/Yaz:

Here is some Erasure: 

Here is some Yazz (the obvious choice):

Here is the summary:

Yazoo is Yaz, but not Yazz who is Yasmina.

Here is the end.

P.S. Here is some non-Clarke Depeche Mode:

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