In transit you pass among the strangers of the world.

I got a random Facebook email this week from this Clare girl asking, in the subject line, if she knew me.

I was going to bin it, because I pretty much have enough friends on Facebook without new unknown ones requesting the add. But I clicked on and read it without thinking, and it turned out she thought that her father was my Godfather and that her parents and my parents used to be the best of friends.

I had no idea I even had a Godfather, so I called up The Mother and asked her if she knew these people. She freaked out and told me I had to get their contact details as quickly as possible as she had been trying for years to get in touch with them!

Turns out they had been trying for years to get in touch with my folks, and in desperation and at the suggestion of a friend of theirs, they tried to find me instead (The Father used to work on some secret security stuff and was deliberately hard to track down), as they thought I would be of the right age to have an online life.

Thank God they didn’t find that hentai site I used to run.

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