Fist. Fuck.

At the risk of turning this into a reblogging site for My Favourite Band, I share with you the following – Nine Inch Nails with Dillinger Escape Plan doing what can only be described as a fucking amazing version of Wish, live at the Soundwave Festival in Perth, Western Oz.

As much as I enjoyed seeing NIN this year, I wish I had seen them do something as fantastically cool as this. Oh well, guess I should sell a kidney and go see them, Metallica Placebo and Faith No More in Austria.

2 thoughts on “Fist. Fuck.

  1. Yes, you should. You really only need one kidney.

    You forgot that the fantastic Chris Cornell is also playing. Mike Patton vs Chris Cornell debate can be officially settled by seeing them at the one festival (I know you consider it settled already, but I’m still hoping for Chris to redeem himself).

  2. I challenge you to compose your next 3 blog entries completely free of any direct or indirect reference to Your Favourite Band.

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