This is what the world is for.

A friend online acquaintance I met through a friend who I met via a website that is a figment of my imagination asked if she should go see MGMT when they tour where she is.

I said no.

Now, this online acquaintance is a very pretty young thing.  A wonderful, youthful spring flower of a bud of a woman, but she will be like a grandmotherly old crone compared to all the blonde tipped little wankers who are there to hear one fucking song they downloaded off whatever P2P site fucking little blonde tipped wankers use these days, and they will think the song is called something else because the ID3 tags are all messed up and then I will end up in jail she will end up being arrested for stabbing 5 or 6 of the little blonde tipped fuckers in a blind rage.

I don’t want to sound all “damn kids, get off my lawn” and I know it was no different for the elderly hating us young ones  when I was going to shows as a youth, but I don’t remember people being so completely fuckwitty about music back then.  I don’t remember the majority of people going to concerts only going because it was a social event they were expected to attend, they went because they liked the bands or their friends liked the bands. It was all about the music, man.

Whinge, moan, complain, whine, groan etc.

P.S. MGMT are great, but they have become over saturated. I bet you can’t make it all the way through this.

3 thoughts on “This is what the world is for.

  1. Yep, definitely got the angry old man thing going on. Now get off my lawn!!!

  2. People were definitely just as bad then, it’s just that you weren’t one of them. Example: Pearl Jam touring Canberra in 1995. Everyone decided about the week before the tickets went on sale that they had always loved Pearl Jam, despite having paid out on my love of all things Eddie for years. Then they went try-hard grunge for the day. I’m not bitter.

  3. Oh, I totally know what you mean. Like, when people try to tell me that the Charmed theme song has nothing to do with the show and is by some band called The Stiffs or The Streets..or something. Gosh, people are DUMB.

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