Down, down, down.

This entry was originally posted on Tuesday, April 21st, 2009 at 23:38

If they ever make another theatrical Revenge of the Nerds film or, fuck it, they just remake the first film (which I am sure is happening as I type this although, shockingly, a quick check of the IMDb seems to suggest it isn’t), they should ditch that “One Foot In Front of the Other” song and replace it with the Filthy Dukes‘ “Messages”.

See, this is the song used in the House Cleaning Montage scene from ROTN, the aforementioned “One Foot…”, by Bone Symphony:

And here is the Filthy Dukeseses’ (with, and I am sorry for this, another one of those “lets upload an MP3 with a dodgy graphic to YouTube” videos) “Messages”:

So, in summation, go buy the Filthy Dukes record “Nonsense In The Dark”, it is my current favourite and I want it to be yours too.

6 Responses to “Down, down, down.”

  1. PeachHat Says:

    But..but..I thought Oracular Spectacular was your favourite, now and forever. Shock me like an electic eel!

  2. PeachHat Says:

    Fuck. Electric, not electic.

  3. Trick Says:

    I have very eclectic eels.

  4. PeachHat Says:

    Up inside ya?

  5. Trick Says:

    Wherever they can find an entrance.

  6. HeadNShoulders Says:

    Do I look like a reasonable man to you, or a peppermint nightmare?

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