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For our spirit and laws and ways.

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

Of Faith, Power and Glory

So, VNV Nation. Futurepop Industrial dance band and all round nice guys (I’ve managed to chat to them both a couple of times, well, by chat I have walked up to them post-shows and talked at them about how great they are) and a band I happen to think are pretty great.

So, VNV Nation. They have a new album out, its called Of Faith, Power and Glory and, hell, it’s pretty great.

Great. Pretty.

Which do you choose, a hard or soft option?

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

Made in Germany

I was, don’t you know? So, the question is this, should I spend the money to advertise that fact? Or keep that little bit of knowledge to myself? Ja oder nein?

Remembering you standing quiet in the rain.

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

As I mentioned yesterday, I want to be a photorapher photographer-type. I want to know which lens and which f-stop and what ISO will give me the impact and look I want. So I bought a Canon EOS 450D/Digital Rebel XSi to help me in that.

And I am so completely happy with it. I have a nice fast little 50mm lens which means I can take some of the sorts of pictures I like quite reliably (the only thing that lets me down is me). But she is quite a big camera to lug around – even without the lenses.

So, maybe I need something like the Olympus E-P1. Not only does it have the most wonderful retro look I have seen on an affordable camera, it seems to tick all the other boxes I originally wanted in a camera.

Check out this DP Review preview if you want to make yourself lust after one as well.

Blue hands and a torch.

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

It is Tuesday here, so I am declaring today Linkblog Tuesday. I will update this post with interesting* things as I find them.

The Stereo Holga is for those times when one crappy retro lens is just not enough. Now you can perfect that crappy retro 3D look you so desire. Highly lusted after here at Shallow Bay Towers.

Ye Olde Ikea Catalogues because there is nothing more hip, here and modern than old furniture right now, so why not look at how cheap much of the original stuff was?

How long is your snail? This one is 39 inches long! And you thought I was being rude, didn’t you?

I once bought a Nokia 770 tablet, and I liked it, but it was far too slow. These days I hang with an iPhone and it does everything I want it to, but does it do it for you? If not, maybe a stupidly affordable Nokia N810 tablet would fit the bill?

Speaking of stupidly affordable, how does free sound? How does a Mario Kart-like socially networked game sound? How about I show you something that combines both of those things? OK, go look at Hoverkart.

I like photography and I like pretty girls. I would like to take more pictures of pretty girls, but they don’t always want me to. I bet if I was a very talented photographer, and quite pretty at the same time, I would not have any issues. Here is one such photographer/pretty girl.

I have a previously diagnosed shoe fetish and I find myself unable to consider continuing to live without having at least two pairs of shoes for every occasion. I would like to have an occasion to own these Oakely Assault boots and these adidas GSG-9.2s.

* Things I find interesting may not be interesting to you. Consult your medical practitioner if symptoms persist.

See that dust cloud disappear without a trace.

Monday, June 15th, 2009

Trick = threeze, threeze = Trick.

Why? Well, so I can add the new Twitter widget that I have or attempted to add to this blog.

Why? Because I like Twitter. That should be enough.

Of non-believers dying in the sand.

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

I like The Twitter. A lot. I enjoy the simple fact that it’s very simpleness means the uses for it are limited only by what people think to do with it.

Unfortunately, some people have thought to spam with it, and whilst the way Twitter works means that the spam is not as obvious as it is in e-mail, it’s still something I don’t want nothing anything to do with.

So, when one of the (really smart guys) I follow on Twitter mentioned that he had come up with¬†Blocky I jumped on his site to have a look. It’s a crowd-sourcing spam black-list that, when you log into it, uses that black-list to search through your list of followers and blocks any suspected spammers for you. ¬†Which is neat.

At the moment, the black-list is quite short, but as soon as more and more people log in and start nominating and then voting on spammers (just nominating a suspected spammer is not enough to add them to the list) the list will likely grow.

This one act of consecration is what I ask of you.

Monday, June 8th, 2009

Things I am currently hating on, a list:

  • Advertisements that state “overseas model”. If you want to sell your phone/car/dildo here, either make the ad here or sell us a non-crippled model. I am going to start boycotting all brands that do this.
  • @swear_bot on twitter.
  • Vodafone Australia and their inability to make Visual Voicemail work.
  • Vodafone Australia and their blaming me for Visual Voicemail not working.
  • Vodafone Australia telling me to be more patient whilst they try and make Visual Voicemail work.
  • Overseas call centres.
  • Local call centres.
  • Pre vs. iPhone articles.
  • Inability to purchase/download Pandora, Kindle, apps for iPhone here in Australia.
  • No stone and mortar record stores stocking anything I want to purchase.
  • Websites with lists on them.
  • Getting the shits over minor annoyances like iPhones/Advertisements.
  • Wankers who tailgate me in the wet and then attempt to overtake using the same lane I am in and who then spit abuse at me for not going faster than the speed limit. Did I mention it was pissing-down rain?

Right, I am going to find something to calm me the fuck down. G’night everybody.