This one act of consecration is what I ask of you.

Things I am currently hating on, a list:

  • Advertisements that state “overseas model”. If you want to sell your phone/car/dildo here, either make the ad here or sell us a non-crippled model. I am going to start boycotting all brands that do this.
  • @swear_bot on twitter.
  • Vodafone Australia and their inability to make Visual Voicemail work.
  • Vodafone Australia and their blaming me for Visual Voicemail not working.
  • Vodafone Australia telling me to be more patient whilst they try and make Visual Voicemail work.
  • Overseas call centres.
  • Local call centres.
  • Pre vs. iPhone articles.
  • Inability to purchase/download Pandora, Kindle, apps for iPhone here in Australia.
  • No stone and mortar record stores stocking anything I want to purchase.
  • Websites with lists on them.
  • Getting the shits over minor annoyances like iPhones/Advertisements.
  • Wankers who tailgate me in the wet and then attempt to overtake using the same lane I am in and who then spit abuse at me for not going faster than the speed limit. Did I mention it was pissing-down rain?

Right, I am going to find something to calm me the fuck down. G’night everybody.

2 thoughts on “This one act of consecration is what I ask of you.

  1. Also, hating the fact that every media outlet, music channel and tattoo magazine is devoting 80% of it’s time to fucking P!NK. She is not the second coming, she is a somewhat stable, and long lasting pop starlet and nothing else.

  2. Oh, and yes, I am aware these are all First World problems. I’m just not coping with them all at once.

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