Of non-believers dying in the sand.

This entry was originally posted on Thursday, June 11th, 2009 at 11:42

I like The Twitter. A lot. I enjoy the simple fact that it’s very simpleness means the uses for it are limited only by what people think to do with it.

Unfortunately, some people have thought to spam with it, and whilst the way Twitter works means that the spam is not as obvious as it is in e-mail, it’s still something I don’t want nothing anything to do with.

So, when one of the (really smart guys) I follow on Twitter mentioned that he had come up with¬†Blocky I jumped on his site to have a look. It’s a crowd-sourcing spam black-list that, when you log into it, uses that black-list to search through your list of followers and blocks any suspected spammers for you. ¬†Which is neat.

At the moment, the black-list is quite short, but as soon as more and more people log in and start nominating and then voting on spammers (just nominating a suspected spammer is not enough to add them to the list) the list will likely grow.

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