Blue hands and a torch.

It is Tuesday here, so I am declaring today Linkblog Tuesday. I will update this post with interesting* things as I find them.

The Stereo Holga is for those times when one crappy retro lens is just not enough. Now you can perfect that crappy retro 3D look you so desire. Highly lusted after here at Shallow Bay Towers.

Ye Olde Ikea Catalogues because there is nothing more hip, here and modern than old furniture right now, so why not look at how cheap much of the original stuff was?

How long is your snail? This one is 39 inches long! And you thought I was being rude, didn’t you?

I once bought a Nokia 770 tablet, and I liked it, but it was far too slow. These days I hang with an iPhone and it does everything I want it to, but does it do it for you? If not, maybe a stupidly affordable Nokia N810 tablet would fit the bill?

Speaking of stupidly affordable, how does free sound? How does a Mario Kart-like socially networked game sound? How about I show you something that combines both of those things? OK, go look at Hoverkart.

I like photography and I like pretty girls. I would like to take more pictures of pretty girls, but they don’t always want me to. I bet if I was a very talented photographer, and quite pretty at the same time, I would not have any issues. Here is one such photographer/pretty girl.

I have a previously diagnosed shoe fetish and I find myself unable to consider continuing to live without having at least two pairs of shoes for every occasion. I would like to have an occasion to own these Oakely Assault boots and these adidas GSG-9.2s.

* Things I find interesting may not be interesting to you. Consult your medical practitioner if symptoms persist.

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