Somehow I always end up falling over me.

Don’t you just hate it when someone updates his or her blog just to tell you that they are not updating at the moment because they got a new job/girlfriend/limb? Me too.

Which is why I am posting this update to say that I have been super busy of late, but I will be updating a little more frequently. But they will probably be one-liners, or jokes, or links to things that only I find of interest.

Today, I would like to link to these shoes:


Why would I link to them, apart from them looking totally and utterly awesome?

Well, because a select group of awesome people on Twitter went around and collected some cash and bought me a pair. And they are currently winging their way to me. In fact, the package tracking site tells me that Auspost has them at the moment, which means I should hopefully get them in the next six months.

I am, to put it bluntly, fucking excited. I would name and shame the fellows and fellowesses who were so cool as to get them for me, but I think they know who they are and know that I *gulp* love them.

P.S. I am excited!!!!

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