On this frozen nameless shore.

Back when the Sony PlayStation was The Hottest Thing, the hottest game was Gran Turismo. You may have heard of it. Because of it, and it’s sequels, I came to fall in love with the S13 Nissan Silvia. And drifting.

Then, and I don’t know when this happened because I am research and effort averse, drifting became popular in the US of A. In fact, it became so popular that it is pretty much NASCAR now, just with more turning and tyre smoke.

And I no longer like it. I feel icky just thinking about how much I used to love the idea of it. How much I spent on import DVDs and Initial D memorabilia. And let’s not forget the money it cost to keep my own S13 on the road.

And then, just moments ago, I fell in love with a trailer for a TV show that is pretty much crime fighting, and drifting. Please enjoy The Driver:

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