Take your time, hurry up.

Social Networking In Canberra – an opinion and nothing more*. I live in Australia’s least liked Capital City. Sydney hates us because it wants to be the Capital, Melbourne hates us because The Daily Rag says so (maybe, I don’t read the papers, but Crikey doesn’t seem to mind us that much). One of the things […]

This one act of consecration is what I ask of you.

Things I am currently hating on, a list: Advertisements that state “overseas model”. If you want to sell your phone/car/dildo here, either make the ad here or sell us a non-crippled model. I am going to start boycotting all brands that do this. @swear_bot on twitter. Vodafone Australia and their inability to make Visual Voicemail […]

And I swear to you that I would never feed you pain.

Hey, remember I posted that thing about Australia’s Most Interesting People Who Use Twitter To Be Interesting With? Well, turns out I might have been wrong about thinking they weren’t very interesting. I mean, now I know that Chris Cornell just had shrimp, I don’t think I will find anything interesting ever again. Thank you, […]